A beautiful day at the beach.  It was September of this year, and I was on vacation in North Captiva, Florida with a couple of my girlfriends.

We watched as the approaching storm came in from the ocean.  The clouds were a magnificent dark blue and menacing black with patches of white and silver.  The water was an incredible emerald and forest green.  We debated if we needed to pack up and head home.

We packed our stuff and headed home, not because of the storm, but because we were all out of wine.


kcrtizer photography


take time to smell the flowers

Okay, so that is what I call this photo.  But isn’t at all what is going on here.

I sat down on the path so that I could use my macro lens to take photos of the nasturtium.

I heard quite a disturbance and looked up to see my cat  Henry chasing my beagle, Betsy down the path.

If you look behind Betsy, you can barely see Henry’s feet.  I took the shot just as Betsy was looking over her shoulder to see if she was still being chased.


K.Critzer Photography


stolen kisses

Stolen kisses from Henry and Joey

It was early morning, late spring.  Fog was heavy as I walked down the pathway leading from my studio back to the house. I captured this moment between my two boys.

Henry is on the left and Joey on the right.

A gentle greeting by the old and the young.  Can you guess which is the older and which the younger?


Kcritzer photography