on the cross

I took this photo in January 2007 – somewhere in Germany – I think near Rudesheim.


K.critzer photography


brown diamonds

I went walking through my herb garden looking for something inspirational.

The sculptural beauty of the dried

seed head from my Echinacea plant caught my eye.

My macro lens captured the diamonds at the center on a warm January day in 2012.


K.critzer photography


Walking along the path going to my studio, I unexpectedly caught the reflection of the sky and tree branches down on the ground in my garden.

I grew lotus in pots in my garden this past summer.  I brought most of them in to over-winter.  I missed this pot.

Photo taken or a warm January day, 2012.


K.critzer Photography


just because it is cold, icy and dreary today.

a little something to smile about.

Photo taken January 2012, my Virginia neighbor.


K.critzer photography


I feel magic and hope from this photo.  A dream for winter chill to turn to spring time flowers.

I took this using my macro lens, on a cold January day in my Virginia garden.


K.Critzer Photography



It was cold over the weekend but nice and sunny.

My cat and I sat out in the sunshine under the bird feeder day dreaming.  He dreamed of bird snacks, and I of snapping a perfect shot.

It didn’t happen for either of us, but none the less I like the way the Junco feathers look like a Mohawk.


Kcritzer Photography

magic orb

In spring of 2011 my husband and I went out-of-town.  Upon our return we found 3 magic orbs had appeared in our Koi pond.

They have delighted us all summer long and into fall, with their bright colors.  Floating gently across the pond. Winter has now set in, yet it has remained so mild the pond has yet to freeze over.

Today has been a beautiful sunny day in the 60’s, what a treat.  There is a gentle breeze blowing and these magical orbs still capture my attention.

The mystery of where they came still remains too.


K.critzer Photography