The common name for syrphid fly.  Thanks to reader Steve  who lead me to the correct identification from my previous post.

I’m adding another shot of this same fly as I really like these markings.  Isn’t nature great!


Kcritzer photography



I was mesmerized by a group of lotus that I grew this past summer.  The colors, the scent and all the charming insects and such that also fell under the magical spell of this mysterious plant.  Photo taken at my Virginia garden, summer of 2011.

Could anyone identify this tiny bee?


Kcritzer Photography

a moment of freedom

A beautiful fall day in Central Virginia, 2011.  My companions and I had gathered for the 75th running of The Montpelier Hunt Races in Montpelier Station, Virginia.

This sport is so dangerous and exhilarating at the same time.  The jockey was thrown from his horse which took off and kept going.

For a moment I was able to imagine that there wasn’t any danger and that the horse was enjoying a moment of freedom  – free of rider and danger.


Kcritzer photography


As a glass artist, one of the things I find enjoyable is being able to work with so many beautiful color combinations.  Plain and simple I love bold bright colors.  One of the most common questions I am asked at art shows is where I get my inspiration from.  Number one answer –  nature.

Fly on lotus leaf.

I only wish that I had my macro lens on the camera when I came across this.  Photo taken Summer 2011, at my Virginia pond.


Kcritzer Photography

hitch hiker

Common name in our neck of the woods is, hitch hiker.  The weed burdock grows crazy wild in my garden.  I love the big leaves and thick stalks it produces in the spring.  It is often mistaken for rhubarb.

At the end of summer when the seed is out, I hate it when it is attached to the fur of one of my pets.

Photo was taken in my Virginia garden, summer 2011 with my macro lens.



Kcritzer photography

gentle giant

While vacationing out west, summer of 2011, my companions and I had high hopes for spotting bear.  We had a little fear too, as a man had just been killed by one a few days earlier in the area we were staying.  We purchased bear spray, remained alert and vigilant, and hopeful.

After a cold rafting trip in Big Sky Montana, we stopping for lunch and to get warm.  Comfortable, we got back on the road heading to West Yellow Stone where we were staying.  Then it happened – all five of us in the car yelled out at the same time BEAR!


lesson over

This photo appeals to me because it reminds me of my youth and taking golf lessons. I had a crush on a boy in my class. I spent way too much time studying that boy, and not the golf lessons!

Photo was taken September 2011 behind our home in Florida.