secret code

The husband pointed out an interesting mushroom that had sprouted in our mulch overnight.  I took the camera out for further inspection.

mushroom with a secret code

While preparing to take the photo, I realized that the sun shinning through the opening in the leaves from above, cast the shape of a heart directly on the mushroom.

The night before we watched a TV show about secret codes and messages.  I believe this is a code sent by a faery or wood nymph.



ISO 400



k.critzer photography



I sat on the old rusty glider, hoping to catch a photo of our humming birds.  I noticed the vine twining through the chain of this old wind chimes hanging in the tree overhead.

wind chime

The texture and lighting made me forget about the hummers for a bit.



ISO 2000


k.critzer photography

abundant color

Back in February, though it had been a mild winter, bold beautiful color was hard to find in my Virginia landscape.

While vacationing in Florida, to satisfy our cravings for good fresh food and bold bright colors we headed to the local farmers market.

beautiful carrots at the Cape Coral Farmers Market February 2012

We were not disappointed.  An incredible selection of fruits, vegetables, flowering plants and people dressed Florida style, provided abundant color.


k.critzer photography


Another vignette from the buffet that once belong to my grandmother.

collection of sea shells and hula doll

A collection of seashells and a hula girl, that once graced the back window of my car.


K.critzer photography


This mermaid bottle opener sits on a Victorian era buffett that belonged to my grandmother.  I’ve turned this piece of furniture into a make shift bar.

mermaid bottle opener

My grandmother was a teetotaler.  She may not approve.



k.critzer photography