restore what is broken

My parents always enjoyed a good ride in the country.   Now, we struggle as a family to do these simple pleasures. as mom is ravaged with Alzheimer’s.

On a good day recently though, my parents and I took a ride over to the valley where along side all the road ways, teasel grows in such a beautiful natural statuesque way.

There are those that believe teasel root to be of healing properties, including relief from chronic muscle inflammation and especially Lyme’s disease.

teasel 1/30s f.5.0 ISO 3200

I don’t know if there is truth in this or not.  What I do know is that when I mentioned to dad that I would enjoy having a bunch of that teasel for a bouquet, he drove until he found just the right dirt road to pull off.  Then he hopped out of the car like a man half his age and quickly went to work on retrieving an armful – no easy task with those wicked thorns.  Back in the car with our mission accomplished there was a smile on my mom’s face as though time had been erased and she too had her memories of happy times  restored.

Chinese Dipsacus japonica whose Chinese name means “Restore What Is Broken” read more.



k.critzer photography

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