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Open Wide

1/250's f5.6 ISO 200
1/250’s f5.6 ISO 200

My friend caught this little guy at 6:00 pm on February 15, 2012, while dock fishing on Captiva Island, Fl.


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in the eyes

On the 10th tee, I stood quietly waiting on a sunny warm February day.  Golf carts whizzed by and I could hear the thwacking of golf balls.  I paid little to no attention to the golfers as they came and went.  I was completely focused on watching this heron stalking his prey.  His hunting game was much more interesting to me.  The intensity of the eyes, and there was a quivering in his throat as he made a guttural sound with each methodical and slow step towards the fish of his dreams.



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medieval or hood ornament

Down a heavily forested road an opening to the Chesapeake Bay emerges.  Here as the sun was slowly setting on Havens Beach my companions and I came across the Great Cormorant also known as shags.  The golden light made the old pilings glow and the birds majestic.

Cormorant 1/250s f/5.6 ISO250

Cormorants feature quite commonly in heraldry and medieval ornamentation, usually in their “wing-drying” pose, which was seen as representing the Christian cross.

On a lighter note the cormorant served as the hood ornament for the Packard automobile brand.


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*Source Wikipedia

silent reverie

Grey morning with light mist and fog rolling in from the sea, wrapping the bay in a blanket of quiet and calm.

Chesapeake Bay 1/250s  f/5.6  ISO 500

Silent and still, birds gather on old pilings waiting; they too seem to be in a silent reverie.


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I took this photo on February 15, 2012 on Captiva Island, Fl.

My husband was fishing off the dock and apparently so was this Osprey.

You can just see the fish saying “Oh shit!”


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A beautiful day at the beach.  It was September of this year, and I was on vacation in North Captiva, Florida with a couple of my girlfriends.

We watched as the approaching storm came in from the ocean.  The clouds were a magnificent dark blue and menacing black with patches of white and silver.  The water was an incredible emerald and forest green.  We debated if we needed to pack up and head home.

We packed our stuff and headed home, not because of the storm, but because we were all out of wine.


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