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Life has happened and time has passed without so much as a single photo blog post.

Osprey in flight
Osprey in flight

It was a clear beautiful day in Southwest Florida in February.  I stood below the Osprey nest.  The parents circled above me.  They checked me and my suspicious looking camera.  Babies in the nest called out.  I felt a chill in the 80 degree temperature, one wrong move on my part and surly I would encounter the wrath of one of the parents.

All was good and it was a beautiful experience.

Canon EOS 60D

18-200mm lens

f/5 ISO 1250



in the eyes

On the 10th tee, I stood quietly waiting on a sunny warm February day.  Golf carts whizzed by and I could hear the thwacking of golf balls.  I paid little to no attention to the golfers as they came and went.  I was completely focused on watching this heron stalking his prey.  His hunting game was much more interesting to me.  The intensity of the eyes, and there was a quivering in his throat as he made a guttural sound with each methodical and slow step towards the fish of his dreams.



K. Critzer photography

morning ewe

Down here in the south we say mornin’ Y’all.

1/250s,f5.6 ISO 3200

or mornin’ ewe all.


k.critzer photography

hidden – natures camouflage

The Virginia state bird is the Cardinal and the state tree is the Dogwood.  In our area, thankfully we escaped the destruction from Sandy.

During the storm a branch fell out of a nearby tree knocking one of my bird feeders off the pole and cracking the plastic.  A little seed remained inside, just below the crack.  I hung the feeder in a dogwood tree and within minutes birds flocked.

A pair of cardinals arrived first.  She was rather shy preferring to remain hidden.  Bright, bold and beautiful he quickly landed on the feeder and ate to his heart’s content.

Can you find her?

1/160s f5.6 ISO 3200

Isn’t natures camouflage grand!


K Critzer photography