glitz and putz

Sharing a scene from my desk top.

At one time I knew the origins of the Christmas Bottle Brush tree.  These are all reproductions, not vintage but still I think they have a certain charm, not too glitzy, ready to be placed in a putz.

I tried to research their history on-line, but the only thing I could find was where to purchase and how to make.  Being a little impatient this morning, I moved on to other things.  So, if you know, leave a comment and share with me.



k. critzer photography

silent reverie

Grey morning with light mist and fog rolling in from the sea, wrapping the bay in a blanket of quiet and calm.

Chesapeake Bay 1/250s  f/5.6  ISO 500

Silent and still, birds gather on old pilings waiting; they too seem to be in a silent reverie.


k.critzer photography


Predictions for our region have been for a hard winter.  Acorns are steadily falling and squirrels are busy hiding them.  The  dogwood fruit is plentiful although the birds are fighting for the delicacy.

fruit of dogwood 1/250s f5.6 ISO 800

The name “dog-tree” entered the English vocabulary by 1548, and had been further transformed to “dogwood” by 1614. Once the name dogwood was affixed to this kind of tree, it soon acquired a secondary name as the Hound’s Tree, while the fruits came to be known as dogberries or houndberries.  – Source Wikipedia



k.critzer photogrpahy


I sat on the old rusty glider, hoping to catch a photo of our humming birds.  I noticed the vine twining through the chain of this old wind chimes hanging in the tree overhead.

wind chime

The texture and lighting made me forget about the hummers for a bit.



ISO 2000


k.critzer photography

abundant color

Back in February, though it had been a mild winter, bold beautiful color was hard to find in my Virginia landscape.

While vacationing in Florida, to satisfy our cravings for good fresh food and bold bright colors we headed to the local farmers market.

beautiful carrots at the Cape Coral Farmers Market February 2012

We were not disappointed.  An incredible selection of fruits, vegetables, flowering plants and people dressed Florida style, provided abundant color.


k.critzer photography


Another vignette from the buffet that once belong to my grandmother.

collection of sea shells and hula doll

A collection of seashells and a hula girl, that once graced the back window of my car.


K.critzer photography