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The Fly

Every now and again the mister and I enjoy a good cheesy sci-fi movie.   The 1958 Original Version The Fly certainly falls in that category.   I can’t help but remember that high-pitched squeal Help Me! Help MEEEEE!

Perhaps a little less scary, but equally intriguing – this macro shot I took of a fly on my Asian Pear tree.


K. Critzer Photography

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The common name for syrphid fly.  Thanks to reader Steve  who lead me to the correct identification from my previous post.

I’m adding another shot of this same fly as I really like these markings.  Isn’t nature great!


Kcritzer photography



Rain is falling and there are many things that I should be doing today.

Not, starting a new blog.


Cleaning house.

Washing dishes.

Doing laundry.

Isn’t fun.

Rain is coming down in buckets and I’ve been pretty happy caught up in my daydreams and I never have been good at domestic chores.

Our house is an old farm-house with hand-rolled glass windows.  Taking a photo through wavy glass of rain falling isn’t the smartest thing.  This is the view from behind my computer screen, out the window across the front porch and towards the ginormous hemlock that stands sentinel.

Words don’t always come easily for me.

Sometimes I say and write things that I later regret.

My photos do not give me remorse.

The end.