Walking along the path going to my studio, I unexpectedly caught the reflection of the sky and tree branches down on the ground in my garden.

I grew lotus in pots in my garden this past summer.  I brought most of them in to over-winter.  I missed this pot.

Photo taken or a warm January day, 2012.


K.critzer Photography



The common name for syrphid fly.  Thanks to reader Steve  who lead me to the correct identification from my previous post.

I’m adding another shot of this same fly as I really like these markings.  Isn’t nature great!


Kcritzer photography


As a glass artist, one of the things I find enjoyable is being able to work with so many beautiful color combinations.  Plain and simple I love bold bright colors.  One of the most common questions I am asked at art shows is where I get my inspiration from.  Number one answer –  nature.

Fly on lotus leaf.

I only wish that I had my macro lens on the camera when I came across this.  Photo taken Summer 2011, at my Virginia pond.


Kcritzer Photography