hidden – natures camouflage

The Virginia state bird is the Cardinal and the state tree is the Dogwood.  In our area, thankfully we escaped the destruction from Sandy.

During the storm a branch fell out of a nearby tree knocking one of my bird feeders off the pole and cracking the plastic.  A little seed remained inside, just below the crack.  I hung the feeder in a dogwood tree and within minutes birds flocked.

A pair of cardinals arrived first.  She was rather shy preferring to remain hidden.  Bright, bold and beautiful he quickly landed on the feeder and ate to his heart’s content.

Can you find her?

1/160s f5.6 ISO 3200

Isn’t natures camouflage grand!


K Critzer photography


medieval or hood ornament

Down a heavily forested road an opening to the Chesapeake Bay emerges.  Here as the sun was slowly setting on Havens Beach my companions and I came across the Great Cormorant also known as shags.  The golden light made the old pilings glow and the birds majestic.

Cormorant 1/250s f/5.6 ISO250

Cormorants feature quite commonly in heraldry and medieval ornamentation, usually in their “wing-drying” pose, which was seen as representing the Christian cross.

On a lighter note the cormorant served as the hood ornament for the Packard automobile brand.


kcritzer photography

*Source Wikipedia

just another bee photo or is it?

Macro photography is my favorite.  In this photo I enjoy seeing all the details of the wings, the tiny particles of pollen and the furry hairy leg stuff – not the technical name.

What I really like though is the reflection.  The sky with clouds and the outline of the trees.

macro of bee on Bee Balm

1/160s – f 5.6 – ISO 1250

This week, I proudly launched the first of a line of photo note cards.  Take a peek and let me know what you think.



k.critzer photography


The other day, I sat down with the macro in the clover.  I was looking for something  to capture with my favorite lens.

I witness this spider capture the hover fly.


K. Critzer photography


I took this photo on February 15, 2012 on Captiva Island, Fl.

My husband was fishing off the dock and apparently so was this Osprey.

You can just see the fish saying “Oh shit!”


K.Critzer Photography

what magic do you see

The mild winter meant that the dandelions never stopped blooming in my Virginia garden.  I took this photo with my macro lens on a delightfully warm March day.

So many are irritated by the presence of this weed – not me.  I see magic and beauty and incredible architecture from nature.  Go ahead and click on the photo for a larger view and see if you can get lost in the center.  Where the brown pointy parts (technical term) remind me of the points of an arrow.


K.Critzer Photography

I will be selling my photography at the 3 Wishes Studio Open House and Sale on May 5th.