Life has happened and time has passed without so much as a single photo blog post.

Osprey in flight
Osprey in flight

It was a clear beautiful day in Southwest Florida in February.  I stood below the Osprey nest.  The parents circled above me.  They checked me and my suspicious looking camera.  Babies in the nest called out.  I felt a chill in the 80 degree temperature, one wrong move on my part and surly I would encounter the wrath of one of the parents.

All was good and it was a beautiful experience.

Canon EOS 60D

18-200mm lens

f/5 ISO 1250




tail feathers

I’m not sure that a summer vacation is attainable this year.  I’m re-living my last vacation vicariously through my photos.

sunlight shinning through Osprey tail feathers

I stood on the golf course, camera in hand ready to snap a photo of an alligator that I was stalking.  I heard woosh, woosh,woosh looked up and saw this Osprey circling above my head.  Photo taken February 2012, Cape Coral, Florida.

1/1600s – f/5.6 – ISO 640



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